What Three Screws?!?

You're trying to stack a GE dryer on top of its washer. Your installation instructions say to remove a strip of plastic across the back of the washer control panel by removing three screws. Except there's only one screw. You remove the screw and gently pry and pull and tug. It it's not coming loose and you don't want to break it. What now?

Slide it to the side. There are hooks on the underside of that thing. Slide it sideways to remove it. If you are standing in front of the washer facing the control panel, slide it to your left.

The pictured part is from a GFWH2400L0WW washer. Similar models that may have the same mismatched instructions: GFWH2400, GFWH2405, GFWS3500, GFWS3505, GFWS3600, GFWS3605.