How to win at Planets: TEOS

So you have an ACCOLADE or APOCALYPSE and you've taken your first planet. What next? Well, this spreadsheet offers advice. Just enter your daily ship balance and any planetary deposits you make, and it will tell you when and how much to invest in your army and when it's time to add another planet to your holdings.

Sheet1 contains your financial log--you maintain the first three columns and it supplies estimates for everything else. You can override any of its estimates by just replacing inaccurate cells with actual numbers. Sheet2 contains tweak-able settings. Sheet3 contains some plots.

It's all about risk. Risk here is defined as the ratio of your fiscal holdings to the cost of the army protecting them. If you have a risk of 1.0, looting your treasury after taking your planets will exactly offset the cost of conquering them. Keep your risk under 1.0 so that it costs something to take your holdings--the lower the better. Also, this analysis does not account for zone atomics and printing presses. It is based on the cost of fighter drone vs. fighter drone battles, so pad your risk estimates accordingly if you think your opponent has nukes or you have excess population.

This strategy works best if you are playing on a friendly server. Otherwise, unless you're on top by a wide margin, it's in your best short-term interest to convert all your assets to military defense as quickly as possible and maintain a zero balance in all your treasuries. The sample daily revenue figures are typical only if you can freely warp to Eden, again an option only likely to be available on a friendly server.

More general advice and more information about Planets: TEOS is available at The Planets TEOS unofficial fan site.