Random pictures of things.

An extreme close-up of a pancake.
One of my failed attempts at making bread.
A screenshot of my login prompt.
This gnarly-looking root came from a blackberry vine.
All the computer-related cables I've accumulated over the years.
Remember to file the teeth off your pliers when making chainmail or you'll mar up the links.
European Paper Wasps building a nest.
A naked Hawking HWR54G.
My Gateway M285-E laptop's screen frame is loose.
Be careful when talking about iPod capacity. As you can see, this empty "4GB" iPod really has only 3.6GB of space available.
ReiserFS will corrupt your files. --rebuild-tree will give you about 95% of your data back, with holes scattered uniformly throughout the entire filesystem.
The OpenBSD installer crashed dramatically during boot on this old laptop.
Once while playing Total Annihilation I was mysteriously granted an invincible peewee. That's the health-bar going way, way off the screen there.
Fry's Electronics three-battery holders have a little plastic nub that gets in the way of one of the batteries actually making contact with the terminal.
The back side of a microwave keypad.
Chainmail, in coil (right), loose links (left), and assembled forms.
These black beans came out purple for some reason. I am told that black bean pigment is pH reactive.
A juicer.
A leather suitcase.
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
A hole in my bicycle tire.
Ice crystals growing on a tree.
My jeans always rip in the same place -- at the upper inside corners of the back pockets.
My old computer. 2002-2008 RIP.
There's a metal penguin in a mall in Seattle.
An earwig.
Some kind of spider.
Between the suitcase and the pancake (above), this page got a lot of image searches for "leather texture" (without the quotes, obviously). I felt bad for those people, so I scanned a piece of leather. Here you go.
National Astronomy Day at Boulevard Park.
Why mustn't I linger in Fred Meyer's Inventory Control System? Is it going to give me cancer?
Warning: Sprint goggles will fall apart after one season! The nose-piece is made of a brittle plastic that just disintegrates.
I am 0 for 2 with these threaded nylon wall anchors. This one just broke.
You have been sentenced to Windows for life.
This bag of one PATA cable and some screws is "REV B". I wonder what one could possibly screw up about putting a cable and some screws in a bag that would necessitate a "REV B".
You are here and here. Wow, that's actually pretty impressive.
Before you can cross, you must find a crosswlk.
"/4 Head Astons - Dont Touch", an apparent glitch in the BBC News ticker.
BBC News defers to Wikipedia.
McDonald's Restaurants claim that more Big Mac® sandwiches have been served than any other kind of sandwich. More than peanut butter and jelly, for example. Bull.
Conformability error: This wind generator can power 550 homes per year. Each year we have to find it an additional 550 homes to power.
This is apparently what Americans look like to the presumably Chinese artist artist that drew these headphone-wearing instructions. Found on the back of some made-in-China headphones at Big Lots.
Why put scare quotes on your own product packaging?
Cheese food, as distinct from, say, cheese.
Food Club Fig Bars are the best non-Kraft Fig Newtons style fig cookies that I've found so far.
Warning: objects in product diagram are smaller than they appear.
Oversized packaging hall of shame.
Some shoddily-drawn fans on some pillows I have.
A right-handed clock. Note that the term "clockwise" is either arbitrary, on the view that clocks are made things and we can make them however we want, or hemisphere-chauvinist, as the direction of rotation of a shadow on a sundial reverses as one crosses the equator.
A cheap-o mp3 player. The screws pulled out, causing the internal circuit board to float around loose, putting stress on the button switch, breaking it.
Cellar spiders.

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