Language exploration

Learning a language (and all its little corner cases) involves writing a lot of little test programs to see how the language behaves in various situations. Here are some of my little test programs.

Higher level languages are under-represented here because this kind of exploration is best done at the ephemeral REPL. Only in the more cumbersome languages does such casual exploration leave behind artifacts that can later be gathered and archived.







The XML files will open in your browser. Modern browsers will automatically apply the xslt stylesheet, and you will see the stylesheet's output. Use View::Source to see the raw XML input.

gt.xsl gt.xml
ms.xsl ms.xml
bigletter.xsl bigletter.xml
resulttree.xsl resulttree.xml
copycontents.xsl copycontents.xml
species.xsl species.xml
loops.xsl loops.xml
combinations.xsl combinations.xml
grouping.xsl grouping.xml
max.xsl max.xml
nzb-fill.xsl nzb-fill.xml
hierarchy.xsl hierarchy.xml (became the XML Message Board)
fw.xsl fw.xml