Sometime between March 9 and March 16, 2008, Comcast took down their abuse policy and replaced it with a simple statement of how to report abuse. Here, for reference, is the old policy:

Comcast Abuse Policy

The Comcast IP Network Abuse Department is responsible for supporting and enforcing the policies set forth in the Comcast Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") and Comcast High-Speed Internet ("HSI") Service Customer Agreement ("Customer Agreement"). The policies set forth in the AUP and Customer Agreement have been put in place to protect the Comcast Network and Comcast High-Speed Internet service customers from the adverse impact that can result from intentional violations of the AUP and/or Customer Agreement. If you believe you have been the victim of activities which are in violation of the Comcast AUP or the Customer Agreement, the Comcast Network Abuse Department will take appropriate action to investigate and attempt to resolve the alleged violation.

If you feel that you have been a victim of Internet abuse which took place in part or completely on the Comcast Network, please report the incident to Make sure to include the date and time of the incident, log files, spam examples or any other information that may be useful to the investigation and verification of the incident as well as your name and phone number or e-mail address so we may contact you directly.

Listed below are typical types and examples of activities which are in violation of the Comcast AUP and the Customer Agreement. If you are unsure whether you have been the victim of Internet abuse, the following examples may help in your determination. You may also refer directly to the Comcast AUP and Subscriber Agreement