Living in the Bazaar

Part of using Free Software is participating in the community that produces it. Reporting the bugs you observe in the normal course of using software is an easy and effective way to help improve the software you use every day.

Some of the bugs I've reported and minor enhancements I've submitted over the years:

03Feb2020 git-annex union mount * Interim shell script: union-link-annexes
03Feb2020 nixpkgs PR 79181 * seabios: Update src URL
03Feb2020 nixpkgs PR 79179 * nawk: 20121220 → 20200131
03Feb2020 nixpkgs PR 79173 * nerdfonts: 2.0.0 → 2.1.0
31Jan2020 nixpkgs PR 78978 * lua5: Fix src URLs
30Jan2020 Nix issue 3338 nix-prefetch-url retry hangs indefinitely on DNS failure
29Jan2020 nixpkgs PR 78799 * Don't fetch from cgit URLs with unstable hashes
20Jan2020 nixpkgs PR 76653 * Helped with Agda
29Dec2019 archivemount commit 86cea6 * Prompt for a passphrase with -o password option
29Dec2019 gocryptfs issue 444 Follow symlinks in underlying storage
27Dec2019 git-annex balanced parity Storage-efficient redundancy
19Dec2019 nixpkgs PR 76063 * Add NixOS module: xidlehook
18Dec2019 nixpkgs issue 75889 * Put-window gnome extension
16Dec2019 nixpkgs PR 75787 * See also configuration.nix manpage
14Dec2019 nixpkgs PR 75623 * WriteHaskell: Strip binaries
11Dec2019 nixpkgs PR 75439 * nixos-option -r
10Dec2019 nixpkgs PR 75474 * xsecurelock: Remove obsolete path fix
06Dec2019 nixpkgs PR 75123 * Gnome extension workspace-grid is now workspace-matrix
03Dec2019 nixpkgs PR 74940 * vimPlugins: thesaurus_query-vim, vim-move, vim-subversive
21Nov2019 Neovim PR 11434 * Fix terminal close error message formatting
21Nov2019 Stag PR 21 * Don't burn CPU on EOF
18Nov2019 dash-to-panel issue 815 * Always hidden panel / ignore mouse completely
18Nov2019 nixpkgs PR 73724 * Say what "TLP" is
15Nov2019 Nix PR 3230 * Check for and repair bad .links entries
31Oct2019 NixOS PR 72354 * Isolate VMs with squashfs Nix store
30Oct2019 nixpkgs PR 72342 * Nix build cop: Fix staging by bumping itstool: 2.0.2 → 2.0.6
23Oct2019 nixpkgs PR 71891 * Add Vader
18Oct2019 vim issue 5085 sh syntax highlight breaks on "${*//\${/x}"
18Oct2019 NixOS PR 71355 * Fix storeContents documentation
14Oct2019 vim issue 5054 sh syntax highlight breaks on "${*//#/x}"
7Oct2019 Haskell-vim PR 116 * Use shiftwidth() to shift by tabstop when shiftwidth=0
4Oct2019 RetroShare doc PR 75 * Add release history 2017-2019
3Oct2019 nixpkgs PR 70356 * nerdfonts: Use patchShebangs
27Sep2019 Nix issue 3108 argv not scanned for gc roots
25Sep2019 nixpkgs issue 69443 OpenSSL should not take over "man passwd"
24Sep2019 nixpkgs PR 69370 * makeWrapper leaks args from environment
10Sep2019 NixOS PR 68483 * Make ~/bin/ in $PATH optional
6Sep2019 NixOS PR 68193 * nixos-option C++ rewrite with --all
05Sep2019 xmobar PR 398 * Write error log to data dir, not conf dir
10Jun2019 Portage bug 676264 * Push ghostscript security updates
3Apr2019 mypy issue 6619 Can't infer TypeVar through lambda that returns None
19Dec2018 Ubiquity bug 1809164 Bootloader failure recovery UI gets stuck
19Dec2018 Ubiquity bug 1809163 Installer tries to put bootloader on installation media
14Dec2018 coreutils bug 33761 * Allow split to write into FIFOs
25Sep2018 libfuse PR 297 * Fix errno check in unlink test
19Aug2018 mypy issue 5512 Conditional 'with' expression should infer Union type
19Aug2018 pylint PR 2424 * Fix --ignore-imports for multi-line imports
31Jul2018 Review Board r10111 Fix installation instructions
22Jun2018 clang-tidy bug 37902 Bad initialization warning for delegate constructor in template
21Jun2018 Cppcheck ticket 8639 std::move()d-from value parameters shouldn't be const references
22Mar2018 GNOME Shell bug 794600 Release Notes notification allows joining Chrome sessions
17Dec2017 Github Top-N PR 14 * Fix Github screen-scraping queries
2May2017 PersistenceJS PR 8 * Fix developer documentation
3Nov2016 godebug/diff issue 10 DiffChunks() with empty slices fails
6Aug2016 Guesstimate PR 710 * Use the https clone URL rather than the ssh URL
31May2015 vim-go issue 449 goSpaceError syntax highlighting very slow on long lines
30Apr2015 Prometheus PR 665 * Fix storage/local tests for 32-bit systems
15Aug2014 gapi PR 1 * Fix revokeToken
21Jun2013 Go bloom filter PR 3 * Add TestAndAdd(), which is 23% faster than Test() and then Add()
30Oct2012 Exim bug 1313 Upgrade ancient bugzilla
30Oct2012 Gentoo bug 440212 Large file support in exim
08Jun2012 Portage bug 425218 Version bump for Armangil's podcatcher
13Oct2011 gPodder pull req 1 * Fix dependency link
05Jun2011 Dia bug 651949 Crash on save to bogus places
21Mar2011 Bash mail archive Bash truncates HISTFILE when disk is full.
15Aug2010 evince bug 627000 A bug-buddy crash auto-submit.
05Aug2010 gPodder bug 1097 Hang on non-ascii characters
16Sep2009 evince bug 595372 Evince crashes when /tmp/ is full
6Jul2009 libxml2 bug 587867 Regression: xmllint --html --xmlout emits HTML, not XML
25Jun2009 Portage bug 275441 * New ebuild: chibi-scheme
25Jun2009 mediawiki bug 19390 * Fix infinite chain of &printable=yes&printable=yes...
27Jun2008 buildconf bug 2004318 * Fix some spelling/grammar errors in
14Apr2008 atanks mail archive * Accelerated-AI shouldn't kick in until after violent deaths
4Apr2008 poppler bug 51538 Crash ("Bogus memory allocation size") on some documents
16Mar2008 evince bug 522819 A bug-buddy crash auto-submit.
11Mar2008 dspam mail archive * Lift quarantine processing limit
15Feb2008 gnuplot mail archive Fix bad interaction between *BSD, gnuplot, and bash 3.2's <()
20Jan2008 dspam patch * Add shift-click multiple row selection to quarantine and history
2Dec2007 google screenshot Pointed out fixed-height px units in header CSS
3Nov2007 OSXvnc bug 1825242 * Refuse to start with no authentication
15Oct2007 OpenSSH bug 1375 * Handle leak in sftp-client
22Sep2007 Portage bug 193383 * SSL_BITS → SSL_DAYS in ssl-cert.eclass
3Jun2007 RT mail archive * Add a queue-level default ticket owner
3Mar2007 Dovecot mail archive mbox_min_index_size > 0 → panic
25Feb2007 Rubik's tut mail archive Images for unknown actions default to incorrect action
26Dec2006 SANE report Lexmark driver almost supports new scanner: x1240
26Dec2006 Jestr bug 1622639 Cycle detection doesn't catch short cycles
11Mar2006 PHP bug 33213 Website documentation search doesn't handle symbols correctly
7Mar2006 XML Schema mail archive Typo in the XML Schema documentation
10Feb2006 SSHFS mail archive attempts to clobber with mv fail
28Dec2005 Portage bug 117037 * New ebuild: app-text/jbofihe
11Dec2005 Audacity mail archive * NoiseRemoval slider position is lost
8Dec2005 Portage bug 114948 * Repoman should validate usage of operators in metadata strings
7Dec2005 Portage bug 114734 Stale licenses
13Nov2005 dm-crypt mail archive * cryptsetup needs a --read-only flag for reading CDs
6Jul2005 GnuPG mail archive * noecho should be turned on before emitting the password prompt
30May2005 Wine bug 3018 * Window gravity regression in x11drv
2Mar2005 KOrganizer bug 100691 Crash when you click on dialog boxes in the 'wrong' order
10Jan2005 Portage bug 77470 * New ebuild: games-board/gamazons
5Jan2005 Gentoolkit bug 76676 equery crashes on trying to parse version numbers
22Nov2004 LyX bug 1748 Setting Multicolumn clobbers border settings
4Jul2004 Portage bug 56085 g-cpan croaks on ParseDate / frogbak
7Jun2004 OSCON mail archive One could not register without promising to buy something
27Dec2003 atanks bug 866421 Allegro mouse routines not thread-safe
27Oct2003 k3b bug 66665 No burning from kio_slaves
23Dec2003 par2 forum * Remove 100% redundancy limit
18Oct2003 rrdtool mail archive * Feature: --no-major
6Dec2003 par2 forum Par1 just doesn't work sometimes
5Oct2003 Ports mail archive * Update LTris to 1.0.5
3Oct2003 LTris mail archive * Add an Expert Mode to LTris
7Aug2003 Portage bug 28137 /etc/conf.d/lm_sensors should allow for arguments to modules
23Jul2003 KSysGuard bug 61512 sysctl() data format error
16Jul2003 Slashdot mail archive A minor date-parsing issue in
12Jul2003 PHP bug 24624 Storing config values as 32-bit signed integers → wrap
12Jul2003 PHP bug 24623 G is for Gigabytes
27Jun2003 GCC bug 11344 pop_binding ICE on name overlaps between friends in templates
25Apr2003 Screen mail archive input box during slowpaste → crash
11Nov2002 Ports cvs log Update parchive to 1.1
10Nov2002 Ratpoison mail archive setenv issues
19Mar2002 burncd PR-36085 Burning mode2 tracks from stdin
14Jan2002 natd cvs log Don't generate duplicate packets - drop, don't retry
25Nov2001 Bash mail archive SIGINT on alias → "bash: xmalloc: cannot allocate 26 bytes"
23Oct2001 Ports PR-31465 An infinite loop in ports/print/ft2demos
4Jul2001 NTP PR-28704 An overflow error when parsing ntp.conf

Also, in the same spirit, my wikipedia contributions.